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Mill Technology is now part of the Bühler family!

Bühler Inc. acquires Mill Technology Co.

Minneapolis, MN, USA, February 23, 2016 – To strengthen is North America Feed business, Bühler Inc announces the acquisition of Mill Technology Co., a manufacturer of innovative, heavy duty hammer mills and related products that are sold primarily into the feed, pet food, grain and oilseed processing sectors.

Mill Technology is a Minnesota based company specializing in the manufacturing of hammer mills.  The products are used in a myriad of applications, some examples include shredding or crushing grain into smaller pieces to be fed to livestock or turned into Ethanol.

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Mill Technology – Hammermills
The purpose of our hammermills is to crush materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials.

Our hammermills take raw material like tree branch, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw and turn it into smaller pieces.

The fundamental theory is simple. A hammermill is actually a steel drum consisting of a vertical or horizontal rotating shaft or drum on which hammers are mounted. The hammers swing on the ends of the cross freely, or fixed to the central rotor. The rotor is spun at a high speed inside the drum while material is fed into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by the hammer bars and is shredded and expelled through screens in the rum of a selected size

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